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I have been making beaded jewelry for a few years now. Most of my pieces are made with size 12 seed beads, gemchips and other glass beads. These are all handmade by me. Each one is unique and no 2 are exactly alike. The simplest earrings take me about less than an hour with the complicated sets taking about 6 hours or more to make. All the pieces here are samples only. You can order any color you like. Please feel free to email me for questions. I can only accept paypal right now.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Please click on thumbnails to see its full view and details.......

crocheted cotton thread with rose quarts disc center (clip on)

bead crocheted silver earrings (plum) 2 1/2" long

Spring Garden glass butterfly and flowers

Oglala butterfly fish rainbow black with glass shaped fish (2" long)

Bead Crocheted Hoop Earrings (silver-plated hoops)

Beaded Hoops in 3 seed bead sizes (available in blues, red/clear, green, black/white or any color combo you like)

Bead Crocheted Hoop earring Full pastel shades (available in any color)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Jay said...

I like your all great piece of collection. Its hard to pick one of the favorite.
Diamond Virginia

3:24 AM  

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